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Fing Network TOOLS MOD APK Premium Unlocked

Fing Network TOOLS MOD APK Premium Unlocked

Fing MOD APK Premium Unlocked
Fing MOD APK Premium Unlocked
Updated On
Name Fing
Publisher Fing , Technical ATG
Genre Utilities
MOD Features Premium Unlocked 
Version 11.5.2
Size 11M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1


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Download Fing MOD APK for Android


Fing Network TOOLS MOD APK [PREMIUM+MOD] Life now has thousands of ways to steal Wifi or “infiltrate” Wifi illegally. If you are suspecting you have this situation, open Fing MOD APK to check immediately to see if your home Wifi is being used sneakily or not.

Introduce about Fing

Fing Network tools will Detecting Wifi thieves and managing your children’s Internet access time with this small application.

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Why should you use Fing?

It’s not a big deal. But it is not polite to try to find ways to use other people’s Wifi. Especially when people sometimes have several people in their homes, each with one device, which is enough of a burden. That was my thought when one day I found out that someone was sneakily using my Wifi.

The most obvious manifestation of the Wifi being sneaky used is that normally the connection is very stable when watching movies or surfing the web but it suddenly slows strangely. Or during the day there are times when you can’t connect to Wifi. To check if anyone is doing something they shouldn’t, I’ll use a simple app like Fing.

Fing MOD by technical atg modsFing Premium Unlocked Fing MOD by technical atg mods

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Steps to use Find to detect someone using your Wifi and prevent them do it again

Using Fing is quite simple. You just need to download and install the latest version of Fing on your phone, then open the application. Fing will automatically scan and display on the screen all the devices that are connected to the Wifi in the house, on a simple report interface.

Detecting is one thing but stopping is another. For anyone who does a little searching, blocking devices from connecting Wifi with a PC can be done quite easily, but on mobile, only Fing can do it at the moment.

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Download Fing MOD APK for Android


Specifically, you can go to each device to see details by tapping on that device. Once detected, it will quickly block it by saving and remembering the device’s MAC address. Then use the web browser on the phone to access the Wifi modem with the address “” and log in to the Username/Password information. Then at the Router’s interface, select Enable mode to enable blocking by the memorized MAC address. Click Save and Reboot the Router to check if the blocking process has been completed.

Fing for Android Fing MOD by technical atg mods

What key features does Fing have?

Fing is a completely free Wifi management application. It possesses a lot of convenient functions for you to easily manage the devices that are accessing your Wifi. Include:

  • See if your home’s Wifi has been hacked or is it safe.
  • Check if there are hidden cameras in the motel or wherever you are.
  • Test Wifi and Mobile Internet speed, analyze latency, download speed, and upload speed, to know if the Internet service provider has fulfilled its original speed commitments.
  • Scan the network with the exclusive technology Wifi and Lan scanner to find all the devices that are connected to the Wifi you are checking. From there, list all devices that are accessing Wifi and find out if someone is stealing Wifi and blocking the bandwidth.
  • Device identification and related details such as IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer.
  • In-depth analysis of other properties such as NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, and Bonjour properties and device types.
  • Capable of port scanning, device ping, DNS monitoring, and lookup.
  • Receive network and device security alerts, automatically sent to your email and phone.
  • Fing’s interface is easy to understand. Just a few simple steps, read it once and you can remember. If you do not have experience in blocking these and other devices, you can ask someone who has used this app (on a PC or smartphone).

Managing your children’s Internet access time

In particular, you can use Fing to control the usage schedule and pause the access of children in the family. But note that it is necessary to talk with your children about it. Parents and children agree on when and how much to use the Internet during the day (and what to use it for). And then you use Fing to automatically set a timer to automatically disconnect from the Internet with the devices they are using. If you don’t agree with each other and automatically disconnect, it’s a bit rude to them. Remember the principles that need to be discussed and agreed upon, parents.

MOD APK version of Fing mod apk features—

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Ads free

latest apk by Technical ATG


safe and sacure mod

download 7

Download Fing MOD APK for Android

Fing is a mobile application that takes up little space, the interface is easy to understand and the features can do a lot. Especially during this quarantine time when people are at home, children have a very high demand for entertainment on the internet, it is very beneficial to control Internet access with a Wifi management application like Fing. Download it here!



so GUYS iF u like our mods we are providing mods for freee of cost we are only working for u so u can give feedback below here we are gettiing your feedback our mods we become happy fing mod apk is best for network anaysis so u can anaysie ANY NETWORK OF WIFI SIGNAL FOR FREE OF COST AND EASILY

Thanks TECHNICAL ATG Team for providing best mods

download 7

Download Fing MOD APK for Android

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