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PhotoShot Mod apk – Photo Editor Premium Unlocked

PhotoShot Mod apk – Photo Editor Premium Unlocked Modded By Technical ATG

PhotoShot Mod apk Photo Editor

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PhotoShot Mod apk – Photo Editor Premium Unlocked PhotoShot Photo Editor offers high quality filters, Photo Enhancer, Picture resize, Background Changer and Swap Backgrounds, Cloth Texture changer, Photo Sky Changer, Crop, Overlays, Background Blur, Adjustments, Structures, Fit, Add text to photos, trendy stickers and detailed editing. The best all-in-one free Application with creative tool to enhance, stylise, and animate your images. We offer every tool in this app to polish your pictures to give a professional look.
PhotoShot Photo Editor Photo Editor Main Features:

PhotoShot Mod apk Photo Editor Premium Unlocked

• Crop the Photos to any dimension and adjust it for any social platform you want to share
• Use trending filters for your photos and popular filter categories available
• Use Sky Changer feature and replace sky from your photos to beautiful skies
• Use the Background eraser feature to erase and replace 100+ backgrounds
• Use Cloths feature to change Texture of your cloths to new stylish textures
• Use Adjustment tool to adjust and polish your photos
• Use LightFx to beautify photos with transparent Overlays

• Add text to photos with 100+ unique fonts
• Add stickers to pictures and create your own stickers
• Use Defocus Blur backgrounds feature to provide depth blur effects
• Enhance Photos up to 2x and 4x. Edit blurry, old, low quality, noisy photos
• Enhance your Face in photos using portrait enhance
• Bring old photos to life and give them colorize effect

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photoshot mod apk

Photo Enhancer:

Photo Enhancer helps to fix blurry, noisy, lower resolution photos by using state of art Artificial Intelligence in one tap. Bring your noisy compressed images and make them high quality HD Photos. Want old photos to colorize and give them vibrant as they are captured with high quality camera. Bring your old photos memories to life by using re colorize feature.


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Replace Sky from Photos:

Replace the background in your photos with amazing Sky. It’s so easy to remove sky like never before.
– Choose any of our HD custom made Sky.
– With one tap with Vyro Photo editor you can replace sky and give your images different look.
– Once Photo Sky is replaced then you can edit its tone, shift the sky, Apply horizon and basic editing.

technical atg

Erase & Swap Backgrounds:
Photo editor offers automatic background change feature and can apply unlimited Photo Backgrounds.
– Choose Photos from Gallery, Unsplash, Google Images, Pixabay
– Apply 100+ 2D, 3D custom created trending backgrounds
– Apply amazing Strokes and Shadows to photos
– Apply Blur once changing the background
– Solid and Transparent background features
Change Cloths:

PhotoShot Photo Editor offers Cloth changing tool to swap cloth in photos. Now you can make your normal photos with beautiful cloth textures.

photoshot apk download

Overlays: PhotoShot is simplest and easiest way to blend two pictures together with advance editing and enhancement options. Creating double or multi exposure images by blending or mixing photos.

PhotoShot Stickers: Apply funny and beautiful Photo stickers. Variety of sticker category available.

Resize Pictures:


Now you can fit your photos and resize for any social media platform.

Over 10+ unique fonts to add the perfect message on your images. Choose any font, color, alignment, and border to put the perfect text on photo.


Instantly make your pictures look better with this PhotoShot Photo Editor. Enhance your image with editing tools including contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity. Resize the photo to fit any social network like Instagram, TikTok, snapchat, Facebook etc.;

unnamed 1

With PhotoShot Photo Editor you can post your artworks to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc., and impress your friends etc. PhotoShot Photo Editor is the simplest but the most useful Pic editor offered by Vyro.ai


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